3248 Rutledge Street, Victoria BC V8X 1N7




One of the most important aspects of co-operative living is participation.  Greenway is able to keep housing charges low due to the volunteer efforts of our members.  Before you apply for membership in Greenway, you should discuss with your family how you plan to adjust your lifestyle to make time to contribute to your neighbourhood.  Greenway Co-op asks its members to contribute a minimum of 2 hours per month, in addition to attending quarterly member meetings.  Each member, representing their household, purchases shares in the Co-op upon joining.  The price of these shares is refundable when the member leaves the Co-op.  In extraordinary circumstances when a member moves out, any funds owed to the Co-op by the member may be deducted from the member's shares according to our Occupancy Agreement. 


Our Current Share Purchase: $3,000

8-three bedroom townhouse-style units 1321  to 1370 sq. ft.  
7-three bedroom apartment-style units 1105 sq. ft.  
4-two bedroom apartment-style units 853 sq. ft.  
3-two bedroom townhouse-style units 1181 sq. ft.  
3-four bedroom townhouse-style units 1408 to 1508 sq. ft.  
1-one bedroom apratment-style unit 622 sq. ft.  


Please note availability of the 1 bedroom and the handicap unit:

Greenway has one handicap unit as well as one 1 bedroom unit.  Both of these units have been occupied by the same members for many years.  We are sorry to advise prospective members that we can no longer accept applications for these units until further notice.


Only application requiring housing for 2 members (plus) will be considered.


We do not currently have any vacancies, but we are accepting applications for our waitlist for our 2, 3, and 4 bedroom units.

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